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7 Essential Tools for Every Owner Operator Truck Driver

One of the top qualities of excellent over-the-road truck drivers is that they carry certain tools to help them handle almost any problem while traveling. While large trucking companies always ensure their vehicles are equipped with the necessary gears, owner-operator truck drivers have to take care of their vehicles on their own. So, if you want to learn how to become a truck driver who is ready to face any challenge, we’ve got you covered.

Must-Have Tools for Owner-Operator Truck Drivers

Here are some important tools that all truck drivers must carry with them.

A Pair of Safety Gloves

Every truck driver must travel with a pair of quality safety gloves. They will not only protect your hands from cuts and scratches while fixing your truck, but they will also help keep your hands warm during the cold winter months.


Checking your truck for damage or inspecting the cargo during the nighttime is not an avoidable task. It can be extremely tough if you don’t have a flashlight on hand. Therefore, make sure to buy a flashlight and replace its batteries as needed. Be always equipped to handle unexpected situations.

Water Jugs

Gallon jugs full of water are among the most crucial things that all owner-operators must have in their trucks. When clean water becomes inaccessible, you can use this stored water to cool down the radiator and maintain your hygiene. If things get bad, you can also use these gallon jugs to stay hydrated.


All owner-operator truck drivers must carry different wrenches to fix any problems that may arise on the road. Some of the tools you must keep in your toolbox include an adjustable wrench, a combination wrench set, and a multi-functional dog bone wrench.

A Set of Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are almost just as important as wrenches. Regardless of how well-maintained your vehicle may be, you may face a range of unexpected situations on long-haul routes. A screwdriver set on hand is essential for you to fix most truck-related problems.

Tread Depth Gauge

There’s nothing more dangerous than a truck blowing out a tire while carrying a heavy load. To avoid such situations, truckers must carry a tread depth gauge to ensure their tires are in the best condition. When one of your tires is low on air, make sure to take it to a nearby workshop before embarking on your next delivery.

Wire Cutters and Tape

Long-haul truckers need to know how to fix some common problems in their vehicle. If you are driving on the road for days, there is a good chance you may eventually need to fix some wiring temporarily. For this purpose, wire cutters and electrical tape will make an excellent addition to your toolbox.

How to Become a Truck Driver?

Being a professional truck driver allows you to travel the entire country. You will meet different types of people, and enjoy new sights while earning a handsome paycheck and a host of other benefits. However, truck driving is also one of the most difficult jobs. It demands one to be alert, focused, and responsible at all times.

If you want to learn how to become a truck driver, the CDL Michigan School can be a good starting point. For more information about courses and programs, please feel free to get in touch with us today.

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